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Passionate Chefs

At Temp Chefs Brisbane, our contract chefs give a damn! We hand pick and train passionate temp chefs with a minimum 10 years post trade experience.

Private Dining Experiences

When the most exclusive dinner reservation or party in town is at your place, entrust Temp Chefs Australia to make your special event unforgettable.

Need a Chef Right Now?

Chefs on standby 24/7, highly competitive industry rates and service all types of hospitality venues and food businesses in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland.

Temp Chefs Brisbane

Complete Kitchen Solutions - Help Is Just a Phone Call Away!

At Temp Chefs Brisbane, our chefs are committed to great kitchen outcomes, and to satisfied diners! All chefs on our team have a minimum of 10 years post trade experience. Most importantly, we make sure that on top of the necessary chef skills our temp chefs have the right attitude.

We know just how much a temp chef can either add to your team, or just turn up and go through the motions. Our team genuinely cares about our brand...and our brand is all about your business succeeding.

Tell us what your issues are, because your success is our success. We listen.

Our experience in the remote mining oil and gas camps means that a sharp focus on safety has also become part of Temp Chef's DNA. Remote placements throughout Australia are familiar territory to us, so whether you need one chef or five, call us today on 0402 654 318.

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Nov 4, 2015, 3:52 AM
No more is hiring a Personal Chef an option solely of the rich and famous. Instead personal chefs have become the 21st Century “must-have” for many…

Our Difference

What sets Temp Chefs Australia apart?

The answer is simple – Great Chefs and Advice, Best Industry Rates and a flexible friendly approach that always puts the customer first.

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